The 4th European DvT Conference   March 11-13, 2021

DvT Fusion… blending the unexpected

The Old City of Akko – ISRAEL


Sense the blending smells, sounds, visuals, languages, cultures, religions…

Imagine a great gathering from east and west at a historical seaside city…

Smell the fresh sea air, feel the Mediterranean breeze, eat Humus and Tahini to your heart’s content…

In a reality where we stress our differences, can we engage, meet and blend in new and unexpected ways? Let’s play with our differences, reach out and expand.   The practice of Developmental Transformations calls for the noticing of difference; seeing and accommodating the “other” as another in mutual moments of encounter.  We need the other in our presence – they need us to be present as “other”. Only through the other can we transform and develop. We are continuously searching for, fleeing from, or at war with the “other”, the “encounter” and the ever terrifying “transformation”. In transformation we meet^blend^fuse^crosspollinate with others.

In Akko we will practice blending the unexpected into our DvT practice: across contents, cultures, ethnicities, fields of knowledge, psychotherapy disciplines and in the Creative Arts Therapies. We call this FUSIOLATING!  Join us at the 2021 DvT Conference: play, present, practice and preform to find unexpected FUSION possibilities!!!

Playing Fusion – the 4th European DvT conference will open its doors on March 11-13, 2021 in the multi-ethnic, old and beautiful city of Akko, Israel.

Come to ISRAEL: to preconference, conference and post-conference events - stay tuned for details…





The 4th European DvT Conference  

March 11-13, 2021

Playing Fusion… blending the unexpected

The Old City of Akko – ISRAEL

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