The 4th European DvT Conference  

March 19-21, 2020

Playing Fusion… blending the unexpected

The Old City of Akko – ISRAEL

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We are excited to host  the 4th European DvT Conference on March 2020!

DvT Fusion Conference

03/19/2020 -  03/21/2020

Early bird: (Untill 31/12/2019)



Full price:

  • Sense the blending smells, sounds, visuals, languages, cultures, religions… Imagine a great gathering from east and west at a historical seaside city…

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 Pre  Conference

03/17/2020 -3/18/2020

Early bird: (Untill 31/12/2019)



Full price:

  • Three optional workshops:

  • 10:00-16:00

Post-conference Tour


Full price:

160 USD

Additional Discount Depends on Number of Registered Travelers

Full price:

We invite you to join our day tour on 22Mar, which will include: Sefad, Galilee Lake and Caesarea.

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