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Public transportation in Israel

Welcome to Israel! You’re visiting our incredibly beautiful country – and that’s a fact!! We highly recommend to take some extra time before or after the DvT Conference to travel around… there is so much to see and do (see our tourist information page for more details).

So, here you are! Just arrived at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv and you might feel a little lost? No worries… we are here to help out!

 If you’re going straight to Akko- it’s very simple!

Take the northbound train to Akko (a train leaves every hour and the time table is easy to find!) The final destination of the train is Naharia (one stop further than Akko). Allow 2 hours for the train ride itself.

In Akko you can choose walking, it’s not that far, only a 25 min. walk, across 1.6 km. You can use the Google Maps, moovit Apps, or even better, ask the locals for directions to the Old City – most people in Israel are forthcoming and like to help out.

Feel a little tired and don’t fancy the walk? No problem! You can take the No. 4  or 2 bus lines and your walk will be cut short. And if all else fails, you could grab a cab that costs about 25-30 NIS.

The same train can take you to Tel Aviv, but the train ride is much shorter (about 30 minutes long). If you want to get anywhere else and can’t seem to find your way around, contact us at and we’ll help you out.

You could get to the three pre-conferences by bus or train:

Kate Hurd’s advanced training will be held on Tuesday March 17, 2020 in Osho TLV, 1 Carlebach St., Tel Aviv. 

Jason Butler’s introduction to DvT day will be held on Tuesday March 18 in Beit HaGefen, 33 Hatzionut Ave., Haifa. Take the train to Merkaz HaShmona train station in Haifa, walk 5 minutes to Paris Square and take the Carmelit Underground train to HaNevi’im Station from which you would walk down Hatzionut Ave. for a few minutes until you reach Beit HaGefen.

Christine Mayer and Nisha Sajnani’s introduction to DvT and Social Activism day will be held on Wednesday, March 18 at the Acco Theatre Center (the conference venue) 1 Weizmann St. In the old city of Akko.

It is useful to note that time and money can be saved by purchasing a prepaid travelling card called RAV KAV. You can buy the card at any main bus or train station.


Public transportation information can be found at the following sites-

Israel National Public Transport Authority is a user friendly site. You can also contact the information center by phone - *8787

The bus information site can be better accessed through the Android application.

 Another bus application can be found here. It informs you where the bus is at a given moment, waiting times and rail connections. It is better accessed from its application.

Train rides can be planned using their site, but “Israel Rail” has a user friendly application under that name.

For taxis – you can use the “get taxi” application.

For navigation in Israel- use Google maps or the Waze application. For both you would need an internet connection or GPS. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question at and we’ll be happy to help you out!


Ideas for accommodation in Akko:

Akko (also known as Acre), an incredibly beautiful and ancient city on the northern cost of Israel, is a well-developed tourist destination that offers many accommodation options. Please check-out the website links we offer and reserve your stay in advance.

Write to us at and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We will periodically update the links available on this page.

DvT Fusion - the 4th European DvT conference will take place in the Acco Theatre Center located at 1 Weizmann St. right by the Old City’s main entrance gate as seen  here on the map.

There are plenty of hotels, Airbnb type units and hostels in Akko or very close by.

TAKE NOTE: If you plan to stay outside of Akko most public transportation in Israel does not operate over the weekend.

General accommodation search engines:  Trivago (if needed scroll down the page to change language),, or


Specific suggestions:

Akkotel is a beautiful hotel on the old city’s walls, and is also near to the theatre center.

Acco Beach Hotel is a little further away from the old city.

Close to it on the coastline is the Palm Beach Hotel.


Acco Knights Hostel (in the old city)

Eco Akko Hostel (in the old city) 

Akko Gate Hostel (in the old city)      

More information on what to do and see in Akko could be found on the Ministry of Tourism Website

For more information and any clarification feel free to contact us at and we’ll be sure to answer.


Acco Theater Center

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